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Welcome to Year 3

Congratulations to the year 3 class of 2016-2017 for winning The Guardian's class of the year award.

Welcome to Year 3


In Literacy the children are immersed in a range of texts and have the opportunity to explore and discuss them before they begin their writing. They develop their dramatic skills during the beginning phases of learning where hot-seating, acting and conscience alley takes place. Regular demonstration and modelling of writing helps to encourage a high quality of work. Children engage in 'Talk 4 Write' sessions where they act out and retell stories before they write their own stories.


We use 'Read, Write, inc' to learn and practise rules and patterns. The children are tested every Friday on a weekly list from the year 3/4 spelling list. Additional support is given to those children who struggle with spelling in small intervention groups.


The children are encouraged to read regularly at home and have set days in which they read and discuss their books with an adult in school. Key reading skills are taught in class during the Guided Reading sessions and Literacy lessons. We ask parents to sign their child's reading record book three times each week. Reading club takes place for the children who want to read at dinner time and for the children who have not had their record book signed three times in one week. 


In Maths the children are taught a range of skills in number, calculations, shape, measures and data handling. They take part in a short Mental Maths game each day to rehearse the skills they have been taught. Children use apparatus and equipment to support them in their work when needed. Children will be tested on their Maths passport to ensure they are rapid at recalling addition and subtraction facts and multiplication and division facts. Please test your children on these at home. 

Foundation Subjects

During the afternoons, lessons are taught through creative topic work merging national curriculum objectives from different subjects such as History, Geography, Art, DT and Science where possible.


Three home-learning projects are given out throughout the year which will be linked to a topic or theme studied in class.

The Staff

Miss Nicholson - Class Teacher

Mrs Kilbride - Teaching Assistant